> Description
Blood Bowl 2’s campaign is a complete, story driven experience with various mechanics and twists-and-turns that won’t be found in any of the other game modes in Blood Bowl 2. The first few matches provide new-comers with all the basics of how to play, with a plot played out through cut-scenes designed with games new engine to pave the way for Blood Bowl’s central narrative.

In the campaign, you’ll be introduced to a more “human” - (pun absolutely intended!) look at the world of Blood Bowl, Cabalvision, and the life and world of players in the game. From traitors selling out to the highest bidder, to industrial accidents resulting in damage to the pitch you’ll have to play around (the game must go on!), Blood Bowl 2’s campaign not only charts the ‘re-rise’ of the Reikland Reavers, but it offers various game modifiers through unique circumstances to each match.

Here, you’ll be granted the opportunity to raise your team, upgrade your stadium, and enjoy all the central mechanics of single-player league play, tightly woven around the fabricated lore of this venerable franchise. Blood Bowl 2 is about to get a little more personality.
> Reikland Reavers
Comprising entirely of human players, the Reikland Reavers were formed in 2389 by club owner DD Griswell Snr. Griswell is famed for investing huge amounts of his own money on some of the best human players in Blood Bowl, money that his successor, JJ Griswell Jr. is happy to carry on investing.

Home to the Reikland Reavers is the Altdorf Oldbowl stadium, famed for its astrogranite floor - an unforgiving terrain for the fallen. This has hardened the Reavers over the years, making them tough enough to play against even the most aggressive and weathered Orcs.

Griff Oberwald, the Reavers’ team captain - known as Griff the Godlike penned in Spike! Magazine - came to the public eye through a game in 2483 during which a ferocious tackle earned him three ears, a nose, and a two-match suspension.

Griff’s teammate, Mighty Zug, is such an enormity that he is often mistaken for an Ogre, but the very human Zug is not one for messing around, and many have lost a limb to that distinction. Holding the record for ‘Most Opponents Bitten in One Match’, Zug is the perfect right hand man of the hard-as-nails Griff the Godlike.

Due to unsustainable spending from the teams management, the Reikland Reavers took an unfortunate downturn - something that has affected their resources, but not their spirit! Seen as ‘has-beens’ by the Blood Bowl world, the Reavers are struggling with the evolution of the sport as it progresses into modernity, and as they watch the wealth of the young and talented grow, they wonder who may have the skill to bring the Reavers back to their former glory days as the legendary champions of Blood Bowl, whose pursuits lay between the lines of truth and myth.