How to start?

Those new to the Blood Bowl universe needn’t be intimidated by the dynamic of gameplay, offering easy to pick-up but hard to master strategy. With the impending launch of Blood Bowl 2, catch up with the five basic components of a traditional Blood Bowl match. Of course, once you’re confident, you can head to the forums and start planning your dream-team with our community, but here are the basics!

Either team launches the ball onto the field, with varying consequences depending on the direction of the kick and the location of players on both teams.

You’ll move your players around the field, anticipating the movement of your opponent, or lining up to pick up, or take, the ball. Dodge enemy attempts to topple your players, or knock them down to cull the numbers.

Optimise your chances:
Player statistics determine the chances of knocking-down, with the amount of opponents and players surrounding the central player. Fear not if your chances seem slim, a dice-roll from either yourself or your opposing coach may vary the favour of the action.

Take advantage of re-rolls and apothecaries off-field to dramatically alter the fate of an action - recuperate and bounce back, or accept a loss and watch as a player slumps to the bench - if you fail an action, it’s turnover for you, and the opponent will begin his turn early.

Serve long passes or short passes to players around the map with view to touchdown on the opposing side, or sprint straight to the touchdown line, but be careful of who might intercept or tackle...