Blood Bowl

As your players gain experience during the different championships, you'll be able to buy new pieces of equipment for them. New armour will cost you a sizeable part of your funds, but will also grant your players and your team an undeniable advantage during the games by largely improving their skills.

Each part of an armour comes in three different versions: the "Rookie" version that every player is equipped with by default, the "Veteran" made for rising talents and the "Star" version made for players that have already proven their skills on Blood Bowl's fields.

These pieces of armour have unique appearances that will make your players and your team stand apart from the basic teams. Your opponent will know what they are in for when they see you walk onto the field for a game!


Helmets are very useful in Blood Bowl Only the most fool-hardy player would ever think of going on the pitch without one. Thus a better helmet will noticeably increase a player's armour value and help him avoid injuries – or even death.


Tired of missing a pass? Or having the ball slip from your fingers when you try to pick it up ? Then these new gloves are for you! Players who wear improved gloves have increased agility and therefore much better passing ability.

Shoulder pads

Shoulder pads are great. Shoulder pads with support and spikes are even better! Equipping a player with new shoulder pads will considerably increase his strength. Since one of the most valuable techniques is blocking opponents, why wouldn’t you use and upgrade them regularly?


Sometimes, fighting is not the best way to win the game and you shouldn’t be ashamed, (well, maybe just a little bit) to run away from an opponent who is bigger than you. Change the boots of your players for upgraded models will make your players faster and increase their ability to move. Go on, make that flash touchdown!