Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl comes with a solid multiplayer mode and offers a unique game experience. Offline, you are able to compete against your friends on a Local Area Network (LAN) or even share the same computer with the two-player Hotseat mode!
However, the true challenge of Blood Bowl really starts online with a pre-set system of tournaments and leagues. Create your team and join one of the Leagues managed by the players themselves. Develop your team, earn new abilities for your players, and confront the best players from all over the world during challenges or official tournaments. However, remember if one of your players dies in a match, it’s permenant! Take care of your favorite players and prepare them for the toughest and the most highly contested matches in the history of Blood Bowl!
Make your opponents bite the dust while you climb the official international leaderboard to claim the prestigious titles of Blood Bowl’s ‘best Coach’ and ‘best team’!