Blood Bowl

Chaos teams are not noted for the subtlety of their game play. A simple drive up the centre of the pitch, maiming and injuring as many opposing players as possible is about the limit of their game plan. They rarely, if ever, worry about such minor considerations as picking up the ball and scoring touchdowns. Not while there are any able-bodied players left on the opposing team, anyway.
Chaos teams' strength lays in the blitz skills of their Beastmen and on the blocking skills of their powerful Chaos Warriors. The combination of these two players results in the most powerful and crushing teams of Blood Bowl. As if that's not enough, they also have the ability to mutate and grow a third arm, a second head or even a tentacle...
Although powerful, Chaos teams are rather static with a limited Movement Allowance. However, their main weakness is found in their lack of diversity in their positions: they don't have any players specialized in passes, catches or runs. And don't count on their dodging skill to avoid being tackled. In fact, forget the ball and look for fights!
Big Guy: The Minotaur
Even more than a ‘normal’ Blood Bowl player, the Minotaur is a wild, blood-thirsty beast. He is able to charge while running in order to increase his strength. Few adversaries can actually resist him. However, the Minotaur is uncontrollable, so cross your fingers when you give him an order...
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