Blood Bowl

Dark Elves
Evil beyond belief, skilled without doubt, the Dark Elves take to the pitch to show the world their superiority. Dark Elf teams prefer a malevolent and spiteful running game over the passing of their goodly cousins. Backed up by the ruthless Witch Elves and dangerous assassins, a Dark Elf team has all the tools to power through rather than around any opposition line.
Dark Elves are very agile, and each of their players is a potential thrower, catcher and more importantly, scorer. This allows Dark Elves team to level up fairly quickly. While they’re not as fast as their goodly cousins, they are stronger and more resilient, allowing them to stand up against all but the strongest teams, and survive fights the Wood Elves would not. They also count in their ranks deadly Assassins, who will strike fear – and the blade of a dagger - in the heart of the opponent...
Dark Elves are a difficult team to play early on, as they make very expensive players. While they’re usually stronger than Wood Elves, they are far from being rock solid: they will still suffer from casualties. Their most efficient players, such as the Assassins and the Witch Elves, also tend to draw unwanted attention from the opponent team, as they are very tempting targets to take down quickly. All this means replacing a player killed in action will be very painful for your treasury. Dark Elves teams also lack a Big Guy player – thus be prepared to face the opponent’s own Big Guy.
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