Blood Bowl

Dwarfs are ideal Blood Bowl players, being compact, tough, well-armoured and having a stubborn knack of refusing to die! Most successful Dwarf teams work to the principle that if they can massacre all the other team's best players and wear down the rest, then there won't be anybody left to stop them scoring touchdowns!
Dwarfs are strong and resistant and prefer to run through an opponent instead of around them. Their main strength comes from their extraordinary ability to block which allows them to face and even defeat adversaries that are more powerful. If by chance a Dwarf should fall during a game, you can bet that he will soon be back on his feet, ready to fight again!
As you may expect, the great weakness of Dwarfs is their poor speed. Some Dwarfs reach the honorary rank of "Runner", although they are barely as fast as the slowest players from other teams. To overcome this huge flaw, a good coach needs to pay particular attention to his players positions before each kick off.
Big Guy: The Deathroller
”No point running, you won’t go far” would be the catch phrase of the Deathroller. Real mobile siege engine, the Deathroller is able to crush any enemy, regardless of its size. However, the use of such a machine is strictly forbidden, and the referee will always end up sending the player (and his ride) off.