Blood Bowl

When the NAF collapsed, many Elven teams were left penniless. Those that survived the financial fallout are not as rich as their High Elf cousins nor as well equipped, but they still sure know how to play!
With their Linemen and Throwers costing less than for other Elf teams, Elven Coaches can afford to have a few spare waiting on the side lines. As they also benefit from the same Agility and choice of Star Players as other Elf teams, they stand a good chance of dominating a running or passing game.
The low Armour value of Elven players means they won’t last long once the slower and tougher teams catch up with them. Couple this with slightly slower movement compared to their kin, Elf teams are likely to find themselves playing a defensive game more often than they’d like.
The key player: The Catcher
The key player:
The Catcher
Elf Catchers share the title of the game's best catchers with their High Elves cousins. Their speed combined with their strength and their nerves of steel make them high-end catchers, able to catch the ball in almost every situation.