Blood Bowl

High Elves
High Elf teams have some of the most arrogant players in the Blood Bowl leagues, but they can afford to be haughty. Rich beyond the wildest dreams of most other teams, generously scattered amongst their numbers are the likes of princes, lords and other noble born Elves. And what they can’t beat, they buy!
Having access to almost unlimited funds, High Elves can afford to have better armour than other teams. They can also count on their ability to play a superb aerial game, thanks to their first class passers and catchers. First they distract their opponents by luring them to one part of the pitch, and then they throw the ball to the opposite side of the field, laughing all the way they score touch down after touch down.
Although they’re better equipped than the other teams, individually, High Elf players are still relatively weak. Their fancy armour may give them some advantage but when faced with a hulking Ogre they’re still as vulnerable (and breakable!) as any other Elven player.
The key player: The Blitzer
The key player:
The Blitzer
High Elves players are proud and their Blitzers are considered to be true champions. Fast and strong, High Elf Blitzers are key players for their teams simply because they are the only ones able to physically resist the opposing team. Very versatile, the Blitzers will certainly be the first experienced players in your High Elf team.