Blood Bowl

Although Human teams do not have the individual strength or outstanding abilities available to other races, they do not suffer from any outstanding weaknesses either. This makes Human teams extremely flexible, equally at home running the ball, passing it, or ignoring it and pounding the opposition into the turf instead.
Humans are versatile and specialized, with numerous positions available to confront any type of situation: Linemen, Catchers, Throwers, etc. This offers a wide range of strategies to the coach and the added benefit of switching tactics during a game to take the opponent by surprise and take advantage of their weaknesses.
Humans are not penalized by any inherent weaknesses as other races are. That being said, they don't excel in any particular domain either. Their passes are decent but don't compare with the Wood Elves. Their Runners are fast but will have a hard time keeping up with a Skaven Gutter Runner. Their toughest players, Blitzers, will hardly compete against a Chaos Warrior or a Saurus from the Lizardmen.
Big Guy: The Ogre
The Humans teams' big guy, the Ogre, is gifted with colossal strength and is able to fight with anybody at anytime. Even the best armour is not effective protection from an Ogre's block. However, the Ogre is not the smartest player and from time to time, he will just stop in the middle of an action to try to remember what his orders were...