Blood Bowl

Khorne Deamons
The Daemons of Khorne have infinite bloodlust and rage that makes them feared throughout the Blood Bowl leagues. Some of them, not satisfied with merely destroying all of civilization, started to get interested in violent games. When Bloodletters, Pit Fighters, Bloodthirsters and Heralds discovered Blood Bowl, the Daemons of Khorne made their entrance in the stadiums for the first time! Today, they are known as the most violent, and the most feared, Blood Bowl players of all time.
The Daemons of Khorne are frenetic players with massive Blitz potential thanks to their Horn & Juggernaut skill combo. Their offensive roster also features the Bloodthirster, a big guy who can destroy practically any defensive line all by himself. With their average agility and movement stats, their teams are balanced and multifaceted, allowing for a large range of tactics and development.
What can be considered strength may also be seen as a weakness! Almost all the Daemons of Khorne players move wildly on the field, and while their blitz can be devastating, they are lacking the skills to make their blocks safe.
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