Blood Bowl

Lizardmen Mage Priests were already teaching Blood Bowl thousands of years before it was discovered by the dwarf, Roze-El. Therefore, it is not a surprise that Lizardmen are still playing Blood Bowl today. Lustria's teams subtly combine power and dexterity allowing them to stand up against powerful teams like Chaos and to match the Skaven running game.
The biggest strength of the Lizardmen lies in two types of key players available: Skinks and Saurus. Skinks are very fast and nimble. Bringing the ball to the goal line is not a problem for them. While very mobile, Saurus are also amazingly powerful. Their role is to breach the enemy's defense line so that Skinks can sneak through with the ball.
The main weakness of the Lizardmen is the frailty of the Skinks that form the first line of their teams and are the only players nimble enough to score. Saurus are not very agile and they struggle to follow their team mates to protect them. It is very common for Lizardmen teams to end a game with few Skinks badly injured. Therefore, Skinks are usually the target of choice for other coaches.
Big Guy: The Kroxigor
The Kroxigor is a true mountain of muscle and scales. He adds an important strike force to his team. He is rather fast for his size, which allows him to act quickly. Unfortunately, he sadly lacks in dexterity. The Kroxigor is the player to use when Lizardmen want to hit hard..