Blood Bowl

The average Norseman is a homicidal maniac at the best of times - such is their fondness for battle and the stomach-stripping beer of their homeland. It’s no wonder then that when the snows descend upon Norsca and hostilities cease for winter, that the Blood Bowl leagues find their numbers swelled by the marauding north men intent on a bit of mayhem and destruction elsewhere.
Norsemen are brutal, not too bright and love a great punch-up. With most players benefiting from Block, this rolling roadblock may not be the fastest team on the pitch but it sure is one of the toughest.
Norse players have quite a low Armour value. This can make those who find themselves separated from their teammates vulnerable. Any Norse Coach planning on sending a player upfield in anticipation of getting a touch down, should carefully weigh up the risks before doing so.
Big Guy: The Yhetee
The Yhetee is a special kind of Troll that lives in the northern lands and who had to adapt to the cold environment in order to survive. Its claws and its fierceness led the Norse to include them in their Blood Bowl teams. Their natural talent for destruction doesn't need to be proven anymore.