Blood Bowl

Orcs have been playing Blood Bowl since the game was invented, and Orc teams are amongst the most renowned in the leagues. They are tough and hard-hitting, grinding down the opposition's line to create gaps for their Blitzers to exploit.
Orcs teams are very well protected, with a high average armour value. The reasonably priced cost of their players and the strength of their Blitzers and Black Orcs allow for really offensive tactics. A little bit less versatile than Humans, Orcs still offer a certain variety in their game that is not given to other equally strong races.
Orc teams are more tough than they are fast, so Orcs are slightly less mobile due to a limited Move Allowance. Therefore, their position on the field is very important because it is more difficult for them to catch faster players.
Big Guy: The Troll
Faithful to his reputation, the Troll is big, ugly and very powerful. As strong as the Humans' Ogre, the Troll is even more stupid. However, he can grab his smaller teammates like Goblins and throw them with or without the ball far towards the opponent's line. But, beware, the Troll is ‘Always Hungry’ and sometimes, he chooses to swallow his team-mate whole instead of throwing the poor Goblin...!