Blood Bowl

In the Old World the dead do not rest easy. Vampires lurk in haunted castles. Necromancers seek to escape death by searching for forbidden knowledge. The Liche-lords rule over legions of corpses, and on the Blood Bowl field players who died long ago rise up and return to the scenes of their former glory...
An Undead team's greatest asset is their mastery over death itself. Their Regenerate skill makes them very, very difficult to kill… It’s also a versatile team, with the heavy hitting Mummies able to wade in and support the faster but weaker Ghouls and Wights. Get the right mix and you’ve got a first class team.
If we had to pick a weakness for Undead teams, it would be their limited ability to pick up and protect the ball. Even if the Ghouls can react swiftly enough, they often find themselves out on their own, their lumbering teammates just not having the speed to stay with them.
The key player: The Wight
The key player:
The Wight
Some Blood Bowl players killed on the field are brought back to life by their passion for sport and by Necromantics' magic. Freed from mortals' restrictions like sleep, thurst or hunger, the Wights can spend all their spare time in training. Thanks to their Block skills and their good agility, the Wights are central players for the Undead teams. Be sure to hit hard with them!