Blood Bowl

Underworld teams are an unlikely combination of Skaven and Goblins. These teams are famous for the innovative dirty tricks and dastardly tactics they use in order to try and win, and for the acrimonious and violent arguments that break out in their dugouts when the over ambitious plans back fire (as they almost invariably do). The most famous Underworld team are the notorious Underworld Creepers.
Underworld teams benefit from a mixed pool of players, made of cheap Skaven and Goblins. Obviously, none of the individual players are particularly great, but, using mutation skills, coaches can implement a strategy in accordance with their own style of play. Underworld teams also have the ability to score an instant touchdown by throwing the ball carrier directly toward the touchdown line of the opponent with their Warpstone Troll… a very risky move that has the potential to be very rewarding!
Underworld teams have rather low strength, and low armor, which is a huge disadvantage when the game heats up, and when facing strength-based teams. Moreover, their players, while cheap, lack skills and will generally need to level up once or twice before in order to gain the precious skills that will make them finally shine on the pitch.
Chaos Dwarfs