Blood Bowl

To play good Blood Bowl, all you need is a ball, with spikes if possible, two teams of weirdoes ready to kill each other and last but not least…a stadium to host the show and please all the fans who have come to watch (and actively participate in) the slaughter!
As a major competition in the Old World, Blood Bowl is a very lucrative activity for entrepreneurs. Indeed, each game attracts many fans ready to pay a fortune to attend the matches. Numerous stadiums, each more impressive than the others, have sprung up over the entire continent. From the classic human stadiums to the Orcs’ desert gorges, to the magnificent Dwarves’ stadium hooked to the side of a mountain, or to the terrifying Chaos’ field, everyone is proud to exhibit his most beautiful stadiums!
The passion is such that Blood Bowl Legendary Edition now comes with 9 stadiums (only 6 in the standard edition). Indeed, new races have decided to open their stadiums to participating teams: the proud Norse offer their magnificent snow-covered stadium, and the Deads themselves have opened new crypts specifically dedicated to Blood Bowl! It has even been heard that a rich anonymous entrepreneur has transformed his own ship into a Blood Bowl stadium!