> Description
The Marketplace is an all-new feature in Blood Bowl 2. It allows you to buy or sell Blood Bowl Players to and from other Coaches in multiplayer. This new mechanic has two main goals: to offer the opportunity for Coaches to meaningfully interact, and to allow teams to capitalize on excess Players, make a little gold, and to scout out for key players with hopes of improving their chances of success.
How will it work?
The Marketplace will only be open during the leagues’ transfer window. During these periods, you will be able to put up for sale one or more of your players, asking for whatever amount of Gold you wish, the minimum being the base price of that Player.
Unique to Blood Bowl 2, players will grow old and retire, perhaps making older Players a lesser investment than newer Players - however, older Players may have much more experience under their belt! Recruiting a Player from The Marketplace will give you a Player around the ages of 17 and 19, growing by a year every 8 matches. When a Player reaches 31, he will have a 40% chance to retire, lowering his perceived value, but it is important to remember that perhaps an older player with more experience is still a good short-term investment?
By the age of 32, his chance to retire increases to 60%, and by 33 he will retire at 100%, and that Player will sadly leave his Blood Bowl career behind him.
Do not forget that Players can also die in the field!
During purchase times, Coaches will assess the value of a Player posted by another Coach, and bid on him at a cost that he sees fit. The highest bid will be visible to all Coaches, so you’ll always know what you have to beat!
Bidding will use your Team’s Gold treasury, in-game money you’ve gained through playing Blood Bowl 2, or by selling Players for Gold. Remember, you can only recruit Players who pertain to your team’s own race!
You’ll always be able to browse Players who are up for sale, using filters to narrow down search results to meet your criteria. You might be interested in a specific player who is yet to be listed by his Coach, so you will be able to send a private message to that Coach and make him an offer - browsing all Blood Bowl 2 teams at any time, even if a Player isn’t for sale… yet.
What are the restrictions?
There are of course restrictions. First, each Marketplace is limited to their current league, so you’ll only be able to purchase and sell Players within your league. Secondly, buying and selling Players will only be allowed during the transfer windows - it will thus be forbidden in the middle of a competition.

What currency is used to purchase players?
All Player sales are conducted with your in-game Gold treasury. That means if you want to buy some top veteran players, improve your team, and amass Gold, it’ll be a matter of playing Blood Bowl 2, not selling a kidney.