> Modes
Blood Bowl 2 benefits from ultra-complete multiplayer modes. While it is of course possible to play friendly one-off matches against a friend taking turns on the same computer or console, it's online that Blood Bowl 2's multiplayer gets to a whole new level!

Blood Bowl 2 multiplayer is persistent: every team you create gains experience along the matches you play, with your players earning SPP and increasing their level, learning new skills… but beware! On the pitch, your players may get injured, or even killed. And all losses are permanent! Your players will also age, until they retire: hire rookies and train them to replace players about to leave!

Finally, the multiplayer mode of Blood Bowl 2 allows you to create your own competitions: from qualifications to finale, to the number of participating teams and type of tournament, you customise absolutely every aspect of your championships as you please.

> Leagues
There are two types of leagues in Blood Bowl 2. The solo league offers a challenging AI that scales as you play offering a consistent challenge throughout the game, and for a multiplayer experience, you can enrol into the multiplayer league.

Multiplayer leagues offer a distinct meta-game experience in Blood Bowl 2, offering a competitive edge where coaches and their teams’ jerseys stand out in the public eye. There will be official leagues managed by Cyanide Studios, but players can also create and manage their own leagues.

Your Blood Bowl profile will trace your progress across the league, offering statistics tracking the amount of matches you’ve won, and your most valuable team. It’ll also provide you with league and tournament statistics, including wins, draws, losses, and total number of matches played - even providing information on how you fare vs each of the races in the game.
> Marketplace
New to Blood Bowl 2, coaches can transfer by buying and trading players from other teams during multiplayer leagues. All Blood Bowl 2 teams will be visible if enrolled into multiplayer leagues, allowing coaches to browse through players, sending offers to a coach to purchase a desired player even if he is not (yet!) for sale.

For purchasing players who are on sale and to sell your own, you will be able to browse the Player Marketplace. The coach selling the player will choose which offer, among all those he received, he will accept. Of course you can only purchase a player for a team that is of the same race. For full details, head over to the Marketplace page.