In the fair land of Bretonnia, arrogant Bretonnian nobles and their yeomen are questing for the Holy Grail: the Bloodweiser trophy. Convinced of their own skills, the young knights fill out their teams with lineman levy, drafted from the many local and incompetent all-peasant teams.

Strengths Bretonnian teams are geared toward fighting. They benefit from very skilled Blitzer players and dirt cheap linemen boasting respectable characteristics and the Fend skill. Blitzers are their key players, and any action undertaken by Bretonnian teams will revolve around them.

Weaknesses While Blitzers are indisputably fantastic Blood Bowl players, they are also very expensive. They are necessary for any action carried out by their team, with other players mostly there to provide them with support. Strong yet still rather fragile compared to more bashy teams, Bretonnian team also lack agility, impeding their passing and running game.