In Blood Bowl 2, your account acts as your coach profile, and no Blood Bowl coach would be complete without his team, and his stadium. You will be able to select from five base-stadiums matching your team’s race, upgrading it through 4 tiers and 10 additionally add-ons, for a maximum of 20 stadium variations plus the additional add-ons in Blood Bowl 2.

Not only that, but there are layers of additions to be added and customized, some affecting Blood Bowl matches held at your stadium. For instance, purchasing a beer stall (one of 10 upgrades for the stadiums) will placate your rowdy crowd; unable to hold their booze, players sent to the side-lines may take the brunt of their unruly drunken state.

Perhaps your grandiose stadium is lacking a roof? Upgrade to protect your pitch from the dangers of the sky, or hire some cheerleaders to rally the crowd as you play on your home turf. Stadium upgrades won’t dramatically affect Blood Bowl matches, rather offering hilarious visual elements with slight modifiers making progression subtly more interesting as you clamber your way to victory.

Chaos GiftshopCabalvision, the official broadcasters of Blood Bowl 2, will erect huge TV screens during important league matches, and increase their presence in relation to the importance of the game. Watch as your humble beginnings morph into a huge, violent, unruly Blood Bowl experience, sponsorships, accidents, glory and all.