Visual Aspect

Blood Bowl 2 has been built with an entirely new engine, which means with increased graphical fidelity comes a closer look at race animations, cameras, and the new face of Cabalvision. From the movement of the grass to the shafts of light bleeding through the wood-work of the each of the grand stadiums, everything has been carefully sculpted to fully realize the more character driven world of Blood Bowl 2

> New cameras and interface
All of the action, from introducing each team, to the initial coin toss, is simulated to feel as though Blood Bowl matches are filmed on-site courtesy of Cabalvision. Along with a commentary from Jim & Bob in flesh and blood, Cabalvision provide chase cams to get up close on the violence and humour, as well as aerial cameras tracing the spectators and capturing the mood of the crowd. You will also be able to watch match replays (even of popular online league tournaments!) as though you were watching at home!

The game also presents a brand new interface and much improved visual feedback, bringing a more modern, fresher look to Blood Bowl while improving clarity and comprehension of the action on the field. It is now possible to directly know your chances of successfully evading an enemy tackle before even launching the action, without knowing by heart all of Blood Bowl's rules! The game now displays directly on the field the percentages of success of an action – dodge, pass, interception, catch, go-for-it, etc – and gives a preview of a block dice's result taking the players' skills into account. This dramatically helps players take their tactic decisions!

> Animations
Every Blood Bowl race is unique, and every elbow to the face is different. These nuances won’t be lost thanks to all-new animations designed to make the most of each race’s style of play. From the crowd to the sidelines, the players to the referee, Blood Bowl 2 has new, realistic animations to fully realize the games world. Along with the Cabalvision TV crew, these changes make for much more immersive and well-rounded experience.

If you look carefully, you’ll even see Cabalvision’s cameras scouring the games’ 20 different stadiums for all the action, as the cheerleaders and punters enjoy the game!