Blood Bowl 2: the first teaser!


Cyanide and Focus Home Interactive are pleased to offer you a first teaser trailer officially confirming the creation of Blood Bowl 2, which has been secretly in development for a year at Cyanide Studio! Blood Bowl 2 is the sequel of Blood Bowl, the video game adaptation of Games Workshop’s boardgame that blends American football with a fantasy universe inspired by Warhammer into a bloody and explosive cocktail of turn-based strategy. Discover the very first video of Blood Bowl 2, which will be introduced in much greater detail over the coming months!

This short video is an introduction to the famous and legendary duo of fan-favourite commentators: Jim Johnson the Vampire, and Bob Bifford the Ogre, ex-star Blood Bowl player! We have already had the pleasure of listening to their corrosively ironic commentaries during the matches of the first Blood Bowl and fans will be delighted to learn that these two colourful characters will be making a noteworthy reappearance in Blood Bowl 2, where they will play a particularly important role!

In Blood Bowl 2, Jim & Bob will be with us in the flesh throughout the game. They will be modelled, and animated in their Cabalvision studio, which will serve as the game’s main interface! The whole game will be given a Cabalvision – the official Blood Bowl TV! – theme where Jim & Bob will guide players, comment on their decisions and even interview key star players, who appear in the massive campaign mode. Of course, they will also grace us with their wild commentaries during the matches!