Congratulations to your new Blood Bowl 2 World Champion - Guinness!


After so many matches of blood, sweat, and honor, Guinness’ and his Lizardman team, Razzle Dazzle Rootbeer, is the newly crowned 2016 Blood Bowl 2 World Cup Champion!

The World Cup began in February, where more than 3000 coaches battled it out for a spot in the coveted 64-player World Cup Play Offs. Coaches needed fight their way through one of the community qualifiers around the world in order to get a shot at the $35,000 prize pool – the biggest prize pool in Blood Bowl history!

Guinness’ Lizardman team faced Mallak’s Skaven team, the Eshin Red Raiders, in a brutal high-violence match in the finals.

Watch the replay >>

Once again, congratulations to Guinness – our new Blood Bowl 2 World Cup 2016 champion!