Blood Bowl Chaos Edition: new screenshots and an exclusive offer for all Blood Bowl players!


Blood Bowl Chaos Edition is about to kick off! One week before its release, the game unveils 4 brand new screenshots, introducing a bit more of the exclusive content in this ultimate edition of Blood Bowl: 23 playable races including 3 brand new ones: the malevolent Chaos Dwarfs, the outcasts from the Underworld teams, and for the very first time in Blood Bowl history, the merciless Khorne Daemons! For their part, Amazons and Lizardmen inaugurate the all-new stadium built in the middle of their tropical jungle... a foretaste of the new single player game "World Cup” mode, which promises intense and bloodier tournaments!

In order to thank a large part of the community as best we can for the enthusiasm and support we received, we have prepared an exceptional offer for players who already own Blood Bowl (standard, Dark Elves and Legendary editions). All owners of Blood Bowl, without exception, will be able to benefit from an exceptional discount on their purchase of a digital version of Blood Bowl Chaos Edition, at the official store and on Steam digital download platform.

Blood Bowl Chaos Edition will be available for download on the official store and on Steam on 11 October (18 October in European and Australian retail stores), but pre-orders have already begun! Blood Bowl players can also enjoy the exceptional offer we prepared for them right now, by pre-ordering the game today!

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