Blood Bowl: new website and forum!



The new website of Blood Bowl opens its doors today! The updated website and forum have also been optimized for smartphones and touch tablets, allowing players to access all the information about Blood Bowl, wherever they are.

The website is a gold mine of information about Blood Bowl (the video game adaptation of Games Workshop’s boardgame that twists American football with a fantasy universe inspired by Warhammer): it explains the different game modes, gives lots of information about equipment, star players, roster and much more. Everything you want or need to know, whether you're discovering Blood Bowl or you're an experienced player, can be found there!

The website is also a hub for the community. The image and video galleries, which we will expand in the months to come with the upcoming Blood Bowl II, also feature a "Fan Videos" section, which will let you discover the best videos made by the community. You will also find the Dev Blog of Cyanide on the website where they share exclusive information about the game! Finally, the community hub of the site will let you follow in real-time all the activity surrounding Blood Bowl on your favorite social networks.

The Blood Bowl’s forum has also been reorganised. The forum is now full English but the ‘International Section’ will allow you to choose your language if you are looking for information concerning the game or if you are looking for new friends. It also welcomes a special section dedicated to Blood Bowl! Finally, the community section will allow you to present your league, stories and share your videos!